about CEdar and Birch Wellness 

Embrace your state of well-being with individualized wellness programs that nurture your mind and body. Whether your goal is to improve overall health, maintain balance, recover from illness or injury, or redesign your health habits, Cedar and Birch Wellness is here to provide guidance, support and bodywork to help reach your goals.

By engaging in self-care through massage, exercise, proper nutrition, self-awareness, and stress management, you can become an active participant in your health and happiness. Cedar and Birch Wellness’ mission is to aid you in discovering the path that is right for you, by providing guidance, information, and tools to enable you to be successful in conquering any hurdle that may obstruct your journey.

Trees have many traits that mirror the skills we need to create healthy habits and are therefore a good reflection of the envisioned work at Cedar and Birch Wellness. Trees are rooted and grounded, adapt to their environments, protect themselves from external forces, have a strong base with many branches reaching for the stars, come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, can stand on their own, yet gain strength from other trees, and live long lives. Cedar and Birch trees are symbolic of new beginnings, cleansing, forethought, healing and protection and a good representation of your self-care practice.