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Muscular therapy focuses on rebuilding healthy function to muscles and joints, by combining deep tissue bodywork, relaxation massage, myofascial and friction therapies, and self- care education. By assessing and treating tension, the goal is to help retrain the body to allow for healthier movement patterns that will help prevent pain and injury, improve posture, and increase mobility.
50 min $125 /  80 min $175 / 110min $210


Oncology massage can be very beneficial when managing cancer pain and treatment. Bodywork can help assist in relieving nausea, constipation, physical and emotional stress, and insomnia. Due to medical considerations, it is important to ensure your physician has cleared you for massage therapy and it can be quite helpful if there is an open line of communication between the massage therapist and physician, which will help ensure that any potential complications, such as lymphedema can be avoided.

50 min $125  /   80 min $175  /  110min $210

PRE- and Post-NATAL Massage

Muscular Therapy is safe and health promoting during and after pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, massage can help the body adjust to the changes, relieve discomforts caused by pregnancy, and aid in recovery. While a few things are contraindicated during pregnancy, the major difference is positioning and the pregnancy progresses. Bolsters and pillows are used to ensure your comfort and protect your baby.

50 min $130 / 80 min $185



There is a different path to finding health and wellness for each person. Nutrition and Wellness Mentoring sessions will apply the science to the person to develop an individualized plan to help achieve a healthier, happier life with an improved skill set to manage life’s stresses and obstacles.

Initial 60 min $140  /  Follow up 30min: $75



Sports massage is geared toward pre-and post-event treatment for athletes. This treatment can help prepare the body for high levels of physical activity, prevent injury, reduce pain and swelling, increase flexibility, and help focus the mind. Sports massage is very effective in aiding rapid recovery and promoting the body’s immune function.
50 min $125 /  80 min $175  / 110min $210



Reiki energy healing is a technique in which a trained practitioner uses a sequence of light-touch hand placements to channel energy in order to activate the client’s natural healing processes and promote emotional and physical well-being. Treatments are conducted fully clothed with the client lying down in a relaxed position. Many people report-feeling sensations of warm or cold tingling, deep relaxation, and emotional release during and for a period following the treatment.
50 min $125


Cupping uses either suction or heat to create negative pressure above the surface of the tissues. This lift creates space for underlying structures and facilitates rigid soft tissue to release, loosens adhesions, activates muscle spindle reflexes that relax contractile tissue, and retrains myofascial structures. The localized expansion of tissue also promotes the secretion of synovial fluids in joints , metabolism in the skin to improve sweat and sebaceous glands, flushes capillary beds, drains stagnant blood and lymph, and assists in re-supplying vital nutrients to the tissues.

Some benefits include:

-       Cleans and stimulates the circulatory system

-       Clears stagnation and debris locally and systemically

-       Loosens connective tissue and adhesions

-       Stretches musculoskeletal and myofascial structures

-       Opens joint capsule and stimulates synovial fluid

-       Stimulates the nervous system effecting a myriad of neurological issues.

45 min $125 / +$25 when added to massage service